We are a techno label with the flavor of ebm and/or hardtrance. You may call us ‘industrial techno’. Altough we do not want to pinpoint us to specifics, but pounding drumkicks and a dark atmosphere will propably be our key elements. The difference between us, and many others, will be that our product will not be shaped by market demand and not on purpose of meeting a kind of industry standard. We strongly believe that making our music wiked and twisted must be a priority. We expect that our tracks will be played loud, very loud, and on a system with a vibrantly good and deep bassreflex, on todays high-end clubsystem.

For those who want to enter SIGNAL, the rules explained:

1. Come for the Music:
• The heartbeat of Signal Club is the music. Join us for the love of dark, distorted techno beats. The experience begins with feeling the vibe and dance to the rhythm of the drumkick!

2. Open to Unfamiliar Sounds:
• Be receptive to new and unexpected sounds. At Signal, we celebrate musical ingenuity. Allow yourself to explore and discover new sonic dimensions.

3. Respect One Another:
• Diversity is our strength. Respect everyone, regardless of their background, gender, or preferences. At Signal, we are a community united by music and mutual respect.

4. Face Each Other Instead of the DJ:
• The magic of music is best shared. Make friends on the floor. The DJ is just your host, the music must be the center of your focus. Enjoy connecting with the crowd while you dance. The ballroom floor is your space.

5. No Phones on the Dance Floor:
• Disconnect from the digital world on the dance floor. Immerse yourself in the music and the energy of the moment. Authentic experiences happen when you fully engage.

6. Dress to Express Yourself:
• Individuality is welcome. Dress in a way that makes you feel authentic. At Signal, personal expression is an integral part of the experience.

7. Dance Your Heart Out:
• The dance floor is your canvas. Release inhibitions and dance with passion. At Signal Club, the energy of the dance floor is the result of every heart beating to the rhythm of the music.

These rules are designed to create a unique and respectful atmosphere. By following them, you contribute to the magic of Signal Club. See you on the dance floor!