DDS-001 Dark Distorted – Signal One

DDS-002 GXR – Earwax

DDS-003 Jason Laake – Learn From Your Children

DDS-004 VV303 – Code 4

DDS-005 Xerosorex – Mechanical Life

DDS-006 Abbeloos Olivier featuring Mixelplix – The System Renegade

DDS-007 Jason Laake – Roit Contraption

DDS-008 Ordin Air – Involution

DDS-009 Exposed 2 Radiation – Hell Out

DDS-010 Jason Laake – Unfuck Yourself, Charlatan

DDS-010R Jason Laake – Charlatan Remixed

DDS-011 Barocci – Party Lab

DDS-012 Ordin Air – Gamma Rays

DDS-013 Exposed 2 Radiatoin – Evil Rage

DDS-014 Mike Shepherd – Kings and Queens

DDS-015 Joaqui – Octopus

DDS-016 Ordin Air – Dead Already

DDS-017 VV303 – Medusa

DDS-018 Maximalistix – House My House

DDS-019 Alpha 2 Omega – Greek Tragedy

DDS-020 Xerosorex – Tempo Attack

DDS-021 TRF – Oxide Revolution

DDS-022 Jason Laake – Decadenced

DDS-023 Ordin Air – Combined Sour

DDS-024 TRF – Fractions

DDS-025 ZOLEX – Black Dope

DDS-025R ZOLEX – Black Dope Remixes

DDS-026 WokTrax – Focus

DDS-027 Bartho Anello presents Jason Laake & TRF

DDS-028 Darren Bayer – Dilemma

DDS-029 Mike Shepherd – Rock To The Beat

DDS-030 Zolex vs Woktrax – Clitorium

DDS-031 Exposed 2 Radiation – God Knows

DDS-032 Mike Shepherd – Symmetrie

DDS-033 Woktrax – The Day

DDS-034 Ordin Air – Breaktime

DDS-035 X4 – Great Powers

DDS-036 De Habermeister – 91 At Dawn

DDS-037 VĂ¡na Vivacious – Sunrise

DDS-038 TRF – Brain Hush

DDS-039 Joaqui – Ibiza

DDS-040 Dark Distorted – D. Addict

DDS-041 Ercan Ates -Rite Of Rrong

DDS-042 Roel Butzen – To the Fullest Life

DDS-043 Vana Vivacious – Lady Venguance

DDS-044 Woktrax – Doomsday Cat

DDS-045 Barnoff – Push Hard

DDS-045R Barnoff – Push Hard Remixed

DDS-046 Microworkd – X-Pression 2023

DDS-047 TK Anderson – Tango Terror

DDS-048 Woktrax – Bottomless

DDS-049 TRF – Liquid Information

DDS-050 Ordin Air – Rise Against